Protect Your SUV With The Best Jeep Cherokee Repair  Maintenance Services For You

Your new Northlake Jeep Cherokee is the Trail-rated little brother of the big Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Built to take you around town, to work, to play and to the trails and back again, it is available in a variety of configurations that will suit the needs of most every driver. Available engines include a 2.0-liter Inline 4-cylinder Turbocharged Direct Injection engine, a 2.4-liter Inline 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine and a 3.2-liter V6 engine with Variable Valve Timing.

Jeep Cherokee Oil Changes For Everyone in West Palm Beach

 Your Northlake Jeep Cherokee uses one of these three precision-built engines to get you and your loved ones to your destination and back on a daily basis.  What they all have in common is the need for the best oils and filters to insure they are running at their peak performance levels. That's why we suggest using Mopar-approved Synthetic or Conventional Motor Oil, and a new oil filter to remove dirt and debris. Your new Jeep is equipped with an Oil Change Indicator Message that lights on the dashboard prior to the needs of the vehicle. Depending on how hard you have driven your Cherokee since its last service, it could appear as soon as 3,500 miles or longer. Please consult your Northlake Jeep Cherokee Owner's Manual and your Jeep Service Advisor for details.

Do You Need Your Fluids Changes In Your Jeep Cherokee?

 Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Motor Oil, and Windshield Wiper Fluid are essential to the proper and safe operation of your Jeep Cherokee. Personally, we like the idea of a bottomless windshield wiper reservoir but until that happens, we will have to continue filling it up just as we always have. If you are planning an extended road trip, it's essential to have your Northlake Jeep Chrysler Dodge and Ram inspected by one of our expert Northlake Jeep service advisors before you hit the road. Stop by to have our friendly service advisors top off your fluids, even between oil changes. Contact your Napleton service pro for more information today.

Jeep Cherokee Tire Alignment Services Are Now Available

 Wheel alignment is the key to long life from your tires and stress-free driving from your Jeep Cherokee. Finding your Jeep drifting left or right despite traveling on a straight road is a good sign that an alignment is due. Properly aligned, rotated and with the tires inflated according to your load, your Cherokee will offer years of stress-free driving. Falling out of alignment could be a result of a number of circumstances ranging from driving through a pothole, running into a curb, a parking block, or other hard contact with your Jeep Cherokee. Your Northlake service advisor can set up a schedule for routine alignment every six months or more if needed. A Pro-Tip: Always rotate and balance your tires before an alignment to insure even tire wear at all four corners of your car.

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Jeep Cherokee Tire Rotations

Getting the longest life from the tires on your Jeep Cherokee requires they wear evenly. That's best accomplished through proper rotation according the diagrams in your Jeep Cherokee Owner's Manual. A good rule of thumb is to have rotation performed at a set interval to coincide with your regular oil changes. But we all know rules are made to be broken and in this case if you notice unusual or uneven wear on your tires, it is best to have them rotated right away. Rotating the tires on your  Jeep Chrysler Ram & Dodge will insure the front tires don't wear out before the rear or vice versa. They should be rotated every 7,500 miles, and always before an all-wheel-alignment. This way, they should all wear out at the same time.

Jeep Cherokee Brake Pad Replacement

 Not just an average part, your Jeep Cherokee brake pads and rotors are also safety devices. Brake Pads and Rotors are critical to the safe operation of your Cherokee and its occupants. Providing stopping power and control of your new Cherokee, they quickly scrub off speed to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Using them gently will extend the life of the pads and the rotors. More aggressive use will quickly have them wearing through the pads to the rotor, where a squeaking, metal-on-metal noise will occur. Your Napleton Northlake Jeep Service Advisor will be happy to inspect the brake pads and rotors whenever you are in for an oil change or other service. Replacing them with Genuine Mopar Replacement parts will help your Jeep Cherokee running like new, regardless of how "seasoned" it may be.

Jeep Cherokee Spark Plug Change Services

 The Spark Plugs on your Napleton Jeep Cherokee are typically maintenance free, providing years of get up and go to spark the engine to life.  With a life expectancy of approximately 100,000 miles, they should be changed shortly afterwards. Your Northlake Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, and Dodge Service Department stocks nearly every size of Mopar spark plug needed for your Jeep Vehicle! Your Cherokee's Owner's Manual offers more extensive information.

Top Off Your Jeep Cherokee Transmission Fluids

Throughout its lifetime, the transmission on your new  Northlake Jeep Cherokee might need very little, if any, maintenance. But of course, there are still exceptions. Jeep recommends a hands-off approach to transmission servicing except in situations where your Jeep Cherokee is subjected to high-mileage, high-stressed driving, or where the transmission fluids might have become contaminated after a river crossing excursion, for instance. Please check with your Jeep Cherokee Owner's Manual and your Napleton Northlake Jeep Service Advisor.

Jeep Cherokee Air Filter Change Services

 A clean air filter purifies the air going into the cylinders of your Northlake Jeep Cherokee. Made to trap debris and particles while continuing to allow the engine to operate, a dirty filter can interrupt the air flow causing the Cherokee's engine to suffer. Eventually the filter becomes clogged, causing a loss in efficiency that can reduce mileage. Your Jeep Cherokee Owner's Manual recommends changing it every 30,000 miles unless you live in a particularly dusty region of the United States, in which case you should change it more frequently.  Stop by the Northlake Jeep service department for an inspection today.

Visit Our Jeep Cherokee Car Maintenance Service Center Near West Palm Beach

The Jeep Cherokee's Owner's Manual offers additional information on the operation and service schedule of your new Northlake Jeep vehicle. Our Jeep service professionals are eager to offer you service that will keep your new Cherokee feeling like new. Call Northlake CDJR for more information today.


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