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Still a favorite, your Northlake Dodge Grand Caravan is a seven-passenger vehicle that is the direct descendant of the original Dodge Caravan Minivan. It will haul the kids, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, oats and other members of the family circus wherever you need to go. With proper, and regular maintenance, it will provide years of driving pleasure and utility. Your  Dodge Grand Caravan and its owner's manual will provide guidance, while your Northlake Dodge Service Advisor will offer suggestions and advice in keeping your Grand Caravan on the road.

Below are just some of the regular maintenance items that will be required in the proper care and feeding of your Northlake Dodge Grand Caravan.

Dodge Grand Caravan Air Filters:

 A fresh Mopar-approved air filter is a prerequisite to having your Dodge Grand Caravan operating efficiently. Filtering out dirt and debris before entering your new Northlake Dodge Grand Caravan's 3.6-liter Pentastar engine, it should be replaced every 30,000 miles, or sooner, if you use your Grand Caravan in dusty surroundings. Your Northlake Service Department stocks the proper filter to keep you going for many miles of trouble-free driving.


Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Change:

 Your Northlake Dodge Grand Caravan's 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 is a precision-built engine that is utilized throughout the Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram families, racking up miles and miles of uninterrupted service. All these miles have one thing in common: High Quality Motor Oil and Oil Filters to keep them lubricated, regardless of the temperature, climate, locale and more. That's why we are so passionate about Motor Oils at Northlake Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram. Your Grand Caravan is equipped with an Oil Change Indicator System to alert you, based on the work load your engine has been subjected to, when it is time for an oil change. We recommend Mopar-Approved Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oils and oil filters. Consult with your Northlake Service Advisor or your Dodge Grand Caravan Owner's Manual for more details.

Dodge Grand Caravan Brake Pads and Rotor Changes:

 Brake Rotors and Pads provide the stopping power for your Dodge Grand Caravan. Designed to safely bring your vehicle to a complete stop, they still eventually need replacement, even with normal usage. We have found (by talking to friends, of course) that the more aggressively you hit the brake pedal, the sooner the pads will need replacing.  A periodic inspection, during each oil change, is a good time to have your Northlake Dodge Service Advisor inspect the rotors and pads in an effort to keep your Dodge Caravan running just as it did when it left the factory. Your Northlake Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram Service Advisor will be happy to examine them for you. For more information, please consult your Dodge Grand Caravan Owner's Manual.


Dodge Grand Caravan Wheel Alignment:

 Experiencing the feeling of having your Dodge Grand Caravan pull to the left or the right can be a bit disconcerting but it's not the end of the world. It's just usually a sign that your front tires are out of alignment. That's the perfect time to stop in at your Northlake Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler and Ram service department for four-wheel-alignment. Think of it as a trip to the Chiropractor for your vehicle. Your Grand Caravan can go out of alignment for a variety of reasons, including hitting potholes, running off the edge of the road, hitting parking blocks and other road irregularities. Your Northlake CDJR service advisor is able to evaluate their condition and set you on a proper interval for restoring balance to your car's steering system. A Napleton Pro Tip: Rotate and Balance your tires before performing an all-wheel-alignment. It will help to maintain even tire wear at all four corners of your Dodge Grand Caravan.

Dodge Grand Caravan Tire Rotation Service:

 Periodically rotating the tires of your Dodge Grand Caravan is a way to prevent premature tire wear. A great rule of thumb is to do it during a specified interval such as once every six months, but they should also be rotated at the first signs of erratic wear. Your Napleton CDJR service professionals suggest rotating your tires during every oil change to help equalize tire wear at all four corners of your Dodge Grand Caravan. A Napleton Pro Tip: For longest life and equal wear, tires should always be rotated at the same time as every oil change, and always before they are aligned.

Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Fluid:

 Your Dodge Caravan's transmission is sealed from the factory, with little in scheduled maintenance other than making sure it is filled to the correct level. Under normal conditions, it should be changed every 120,000 miles. If you subject your Grand Caravan to high-mileage service or extreme conditions, your Dodge Caravan's Owner's Manual suggests changing the Automatic Transmission Fluid every 60,000 miles. Please consult your Northlake Dodge Service Advisor, who will be able to suggest ways to keep your Caravan's transmission running at peak performance.  Proper care will insure miles of enjoyment behind the wheel of your Northlake Dodge Grand Caravan.


Dodge Grand Caravan Fluid Changes

 Your Northlake Service Department is your first stop in keeping your vehicle in top-flight working order. As a result, they stock all the fluids, parts, and expendables needed for the proper care of your investment. Transmission fluids, Brake fluids, Power Steering fluid, Wiper fluid, and yes, Motor Oil. All play a vital role in the proper operation of your Caravan. Check them all once a month. Don't balk. It will give you something to do. While you are at it, check the air pressure, too. If they need some topping off, stop by your  Northlake Dodge Chrysler Ram and Jeep service center to say hello. They will be happy to see you. Call for an appointment, today.


Dodge Grand Caravan Wipers

 Dirty windshields make us crazy. You, too? Yeah, we thought so. Some days, it's because you are out of wiper fluid. Others, it's just that the wipers have gone missing in action, in a sense, because they have become hard, brittle, streaky and noisy, refusing to work as they are supposed to. Big splotches of water that remain, despite the wipers sweeping from left to right, are usually the first clue. A fresh set of Mopar-approved wipers and a full reservoir of wiper fluid, will have your Dodge Caravan windshield sparkling, even if the rest of your Grand Caravan is filthy! A Napleton Pro Tip: If spots, smears and streaks are still on the windshield, it's time to replace them. Your Northlake Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram Service department stocks a full lineup of Mopar Wiper Blades made specifically for your Dodge Grand Caravan.

Dodge Grand Caravan  Spark Plugs :

 Of all the parts on your Dodge Grand Caravan, these probably live the longest. The spark plugs in your Grand Caravan's 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 are good, according to your Owner's Manual, for approximately 100,000 miles. Still, things can happen (rarely) before then, requiring a replacement set. Your Napleton Dodge service department can hook you up. Call for an appointment today.  

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 It's a blockbuster! A best-seller! It's the Northlake Dodge Grand Caravan Owner's Manual! It's everything you need to know for the proper care of your new Dodge vehicle. Also at the ready: The service department and advisors at Northlake Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler and Ram are here to offer you professional service that will keep your Dodge Grand Caravan running almost like new Call for more information today.

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