Maintaining Your Northlake Ram ProMaster Cutaway Van

Plumbers, Delivery Guys, Repairmen, Custom Couriers. They all perform specialized work and the Northlake Ram ProMaster Cutaway Van is the perfect vehicle to help them succeed at their tasks. Designed with businesses in mind, it is available in two sizes: an 81-inch, and a 104-inch "cab to axle" length chassis that allows you to utilize every square inch of space needed to be productive. Here at  Northlake Ram ProMaster Commercial, we service what we sell, all with the goal of keeping you and your business moving.

Unlimited Variety: Your ProMaster Commercial Cutaway Van is literally a canvas waiting for the painter to add his brushstrokes to make a masterpiece. With endless possibilities, upfitters have added boxes with ramps, lifts, high roofs, shelving and virtually anything else needed to make your Napleton Cutaway Cab truly your own, all with the goal of providing access to what's in back without having to exit the vehicle.  Don't forget, though, that your new magic truck needs regular maintenance to keep it working at the top of its game. Whether powered by gasoline or diesel of the Ram Powerplants, they are both mated to six-speed automatic transmissions in front wheel drive configurations for enhanced grip and traction. Preventive maintenance will help to keep your mobile business on the road, 24/7/365. Your  Northlake Ram ProMaster Service Advisor will be your "partner" in the shop, making sure there are no down days, behind the wheel of your new Ram ProMaster Commercial Truck

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Fluid Dynamics: The flow of fluids in your Ram ProMaster Cutaway Van is a science unto itself. In addition to the expected, and necessary, motor oil, your ProMaster Cutaway Van uses a myriad of other fluids which keep it running properly. Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Wiper Fluid, Coolant, and others are all working concurrently to insure your  ProMaster and all of its individual components are operating properly. Your Northlake Ram ProMaster Commercial Owner's Manual can put you on a regular schedule as needed. But to truly keep your Ram ProMaster performing at its peak, stop by your Northlake Ram Commercial Service Department where your local Napleton Service will be able to assist you with all of your ProMaster needs.

Lubrication:  The combination of fresh Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil and a new Oil Filter help to keep your Northlake Ram ProMaster Commercial Cutaway Van on the road each day. You ask a lot from your Ram ProMaster Cutaway Van, so we think it's only fitting that it asks to be well-lubed by you! Napleton's Northlake Ram Commercial Service Center stocks all varieties of Mopar-Approved conventional and synthetic oils that are just right for your vehicle. Your ProMaster Cutaway Van is equipped with an Automatic Oil Change Indicator System that alerts you with an "Oil Change Required" light telling you of an upcoming service need. According to the ProMaster owner's manual, the Ram ProMaster Commercial Chassis Cab's 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 is now capable of going 10,000 miles between oil changes, or 12 months, whichever occurs first. The service advisors at Northlake Ram, Ram Commercial, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep will be happy to provide you with more information.

The Transmission- A Sealed Deal:  The sealed six-speed automatic transmission inside your Northlake Ram ProMaster Commercial Cutaway Van is a sealed unit needing a transmission fluid and filter change only once every 60,000 miles. If your ProMaster Commercial Chassis Cab is used in hostile, high heat environments, it should be changed more frequently. Please perform a monthly inspection of the A/T fluid to insure it's always at the proper level. Your Ram Commercial Owner's Manual is also the perfect source for more information. If you prefer to talk with a real person rather than read a book, your Northlake Ram Commercial Service Advisor is always available for further consultation.

Brakes, Rotors And Then Some: Brakes are one of those things you never think about until you are suddenly called on to use them. Usually utilized in combination with a sometimes excitable utterance invoking a higher power, they are critical to the people and product inside your  Northlake Ram ProMaster Commercial Cutaway Van. They should be inspected on a monthly basis or during a routine oil change, whichever comes first. While at your Northlake Ram Commercial Service Center, it's also a good time for your technician to inspect the function of your Parking Brake. A Napleton Pro Tip: Aggressive driving causes wear on your pads more than anything else because of the act of speeding up to the car ahead, and then having to tamp down on the brakes to avoid making them your hood ornament. Contact your Northlake Ram Service Advisor for a brake inspection today. As always, your mileage may vary.
Windshield Wipers: Having worn out windshield wipers is like driving with cataracts in your eyes. That's why you should replace the wipers on your Northlake Ram Commercial Cutaway Van with Mopar-Approved wipers every six months. Exposed to heat, cold and humidity depending on the locale of your Cutaway Van, wipers become brittle, dry, cracking or blotchy and just decide they will take the day off. C'mon. We've all had days like that. Smearing, blotchiness, or not even moving the water off the windshield are just a few clues that your wipers have likely outlived their useful lives. Your  Northlake Ram Commercial service department stocks the proper windshield wiper set for your Ram ProMaster Commercial Cutaway Van.  

Filtration: Capable from the get-go, your new Northlake Ram ProMaster Commercial Cutaway Van is a super-versatile truck that can get the job done all day, every day. That's why it needs, no, deserves the best Mopar-Approved Air Filter available, whose job it is to remove dirt and debris before entering your engine. Your Northlake Ram Commercial Service department stocks the proper Mopar-Approved air filter for your ProMaster Cutaway Van. Normally effective for around 30,000 miles, They should be changed with more frequency in sandy or dusty climates. Your Northlake Ram ProMaster Service Department stocks the correct filter for all your Ram ProMaster Commercial Cutaway Van needs.

Spark Plugs: Your 3.6-liter gas-powered Ram ProMaster Cutaway Van utilizes spark plugs that have an expected life duration of 100,000-miles. If you are ready to reach that lofty mileage goal, stop by your Northlake Ram Commercial Service Department which can offer Mopar-Approved replacement spark plugs as needed. If your Northlake Ram Commercial Cutaway Van utilizes diesel power, spark plugs are not part of your equation. Consult your Ram ProMaster Commercial Cutaway Van's Owner's Manual or your Northlake Ram Commercial Service Advisor for more details.

All-Wheel-Alignment: Proper alignment is the way to a long life for your tires and no driving fatigue from the driver's seat. Remember how stressed you became having to wrench the wheel back to center as you drifted right or left on a straight stretch of highway? That's because your vehicle was probably out of alignment. Hitting a bunch of bumps, curbs and potholes are the general reason you are feeling the pull of the wheel today. Your  Northlake Ram ProMaster Service Department can help you to straighten up and fly right in no time. Properly aligned, your Northlake Ram ProMaster Commercial Cutaway Van should get equal tire wear at all four corners. A Napleton Pro Tip: Always rotate and balance your tires before having the vehicle realigned. Follow the rotation diagrams as shown in your ProMaster Owner's Manual and consult with your Northlake Ram Commercial Service Advisor for more information.

Once a month: To continue having your Northlake Ram ProMaster truck be productive for you, make sure to visit the Northlake Ram Commercial Service Center for a periodic check of the various systems in your truck including an inspection of tire pressures, engine oil levels, and excessive tire wear. While they're at it, have them take a look at the washer fluid level, coolant, and brake master cylinder fluid levels, as well as all interior and exterior lights. This will insure you are ready for a big road trip, or just a regular day of work. Questions? Contact your Northlake Ram Chrysler Jeep Dodge for more information.